Twitter for Real Estate? Yes. Let me Explain…

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Twitter – There are now 105 million Twitter users and 300k+ new people each day. It is the number 8 ranked website in the United States. 75% of the traffic comes from outside of twitter.com (your blog, websites, listings, ext). Some people say it can be a waste of time or a black hole. It can be both of those things if there is not an online marketing strategy in place. First, make a weekly and monthly to do list. Next prioritize it.

How to Setup Your Twitter Campaign
TweetDeck & Hootsuite - Sort followers, track their tweets and manage multiple accounts throughout your social networks.

Twitter Lists: I have my lists broken down into 3 key categories and others by keywords.
1.   People that you want to reach (leads)
2.  People you have talked to (conversationalists)
3.  People you have built a relationship with (friends)
4.  Key word categories such as Realtor, lender, location, past & current clients.

Twellow & WeFollow – Twitter directories to add yourself to for visibility and use to define yourself as an expert in your local market through Twitter ranking by location.

Real Time Keyword Search for Lead Generation
Collecta – search for keywords in your industry. Real time search that covers blog posts, articles, comments on blogs, Twitter, Jaiku, Identica, Flickr, TwitPic, yFrog, YouTube and Ustream.
DemandSpot – geographic keyword search for Twitter users. Example “home for sale” in San Diego.

Get Your Message Out There
Retweet – Find top retweeted content and submit your blog posts/content here.
Tweetreach – Total tweets, exposure based on followers and top contributors.

twitterfollowwhite http://dimk1t.free.fr/wordpress/docs/UStreamLogo.jpg

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One Response to “Twitter for Real Estate? Yes. Let me Explain…”
  1. realaZEN says:

    This is great. I have been tweeting for one of my customers, but have been debating doing it for my real estate websites. I think I shall start the tweets.

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