100 Real Estate Blog Topics

Writer’s Block - Be - Gone

Real estate blogging topics range widely but most topics can be focused locally. Every community needs a local expert to answer questions, concerns and keep them informed on their local market conditions. Our last weeks post about How to setup a blog should give you a good base in creating your local online community of local readers/followers.

Most people aren’t looking to directly buy or sell real estate from your blog, they are looking for information or answers to industry related questions. Keep the conversation informative and light, forgetting that you are doing this to sell houses or gain leads. They will use your services, without you even asking them, if you do this correctly. You will create a personal following by just updating people on what is new in your life, what activities you’re involved in, what you’re about to do, etc.

Keep yourself in front of people so they don’t forget you and provide them with useful information to keep them coming back to you for more. This includes friends, family, and even strangers who find your life interesting. Now the time comes that one of your readers has a need for your service, and you are in their face everyday because of the useful information you provide, guess who gets the sale?

Here are 100 real estate blogging topics to help get the creative juices flowing:

1. Local Market Data
2. Top 10 Lists
3. Not Top 10 Lists - (MLS photos for example)
4. Video Property Post - write a little bit about a featured listing and embed a YouTube video with the write-up.
5. Mortgage Rates
6. Tax Credits
7. Neighborhood Showcase
8. Local Business - provide them with a copy of your post.
9. Credit Reports
10. National Market Trends
11. Renting a House vs. Buying a Home
12. Community Meeting Summary
13. Types of Mortgages
14. Home Improvements
15. Home Maintenance
16.  Photo Montage - Take a picture of something local, post it and write about it.
17. Historic Buildings
18. Housing Styles in Your Area
19. Events for Kids
20. Advice for FSBO’s
21. Interview Someone
22. Featured Parks
23. Featured Schools
24. Zoos
25. Furniture/Staging a Home
26. Crime Rates
27. Property Taxes
28. Senior Housing
29. Rental Properties
30. Churches
31. A Closing
32. Showcase a Lender
33. Things That Have Gone Wrong During A Real Estate Sale
34. Second Homes
35. Breaking Mortgage News
36. City Council
37. Transportation Systems
38. Home Safety
39. Local Real Estate Websites
40. Art
41. New Construction Homes
42. Building Trends
43. How to Sell a Home
44. How to Buy a Home
45. What Not to do When Selling a Home
46. Interior Decorating Ideas
47. Improving Curb Appeal
48. Lawn and Garden Improvements
49. Consumer Scams
50. Credit Scores
51. Foreclosures
52. Real Estate Investing
53. Legal Real Estate Terms
54. Book Review of a Real Estate Genre
55. Best Restaurants in the Area
56. Shopping
57. Moving Tips
58. A Story of a Client That You Enjoyed
59.  Local News Topics - you can add some commentary if you so desire.
60. Funny Story
61. Commercial Real Estate in Your Area
62. Waterfront Properties in Your Area
63. Write About What it’s Like Being A Realtor
64. Conserving Energy or Going Green
65. Final Walk Through
66. Real Estate Internet Trends
67. Short Sales
68. Dealing With Tenants
69. Home Ownership
70. Property Taxes
71. Condos
72. Earnest Money
73. Types of Mortgage Loans
74. Lots or Land
75. Your Marketing Strategy to Sell Their Home
76. Vacations
77. Real Estate Investing
78. Zoning
79. Charities
80. Market Predictions
81. Is it the Right Time to Buy?
82. Luxury Properties
83. The Price is Right (hosted by your home)
84. Government Involvement With Home Owners
85. Flood Zones or Natural Disasters
86. Home Equity
87. Family Living
88. Online Media and Real Estate
89. Appraised Value
90. Closing Costs
91. Good Faith Estimate
92. Liens
93. Refinancing
94. Create a Walk Through Checklist
95. Highlight a Community
96. Bang for Your Buck Home Improvements
97. List The Pros and Cons of Working With an Agent
98. Top Things to Look for in a Home
99. First Time Home Buyers
100. List Community Resource Links


3 Responses to “100 Real Estate Blog Topics”
  1. EJW says:

    Good list. I can recommend some more. How about concrete, the most misunderstood, problematic and challenged area of commercial and residential property.

  2. Still i used only 20-30 topic names. Thanks for adding to my knowledge.

  3. Micheline says:

    thanks !

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